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Key in the Lock


Hollywood Fl Locksmith

Need service from a Hollywood Fl locksmith? Our local Hollywood locksmiths can help you with all of your locksmithing needs. Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths are mobile, licensed and insured. 


Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths offer residential locksmithing services, including rekeying locks at home, replacing locks, making key copies, repairing locks at home, and installing new locks at home. 


If you purchase a new home, our hollywood Fl locksmiths can rekey the locks so that you can make sure your new home is secure. If you lose a key to your home, we also recommend rekeying the locks to make sure that your property is safe and secure. 


In addition to our residential lock services, we also install home security cameras and install home security systems, so you can make sure that your home is safe 24/7.


Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths also work with many realtors and property management companies to provide quick, professional locksmithing service at all of your properties. If you are a property manager or realtor who needs a reliable Hollywood Fl locksmith, please give us a call today at 786-778-2923. 


Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths are available for all kinds of commercial locksmithing projects, including master rekeys at your business, rekeying business locks, replacing business locks, and repairing business locks. If you have a mortise lock, push bar lock or other kinds of business locks, our Hollywood Fl locksmiths can assist.


If your business’ security has been compromised and you need emergency locksmith services to rekey or replace business locks, our Hollywood Fl locksmiths are mobile and available at all hours to help you.


Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths make your business’ security our priority - and we also install security cameras for businesses if you are looking to increase the security at your business. 


Our mobile automotive locksmiths in Hollywood Fl are available for all of your automotive locksmithing needs, including making new car keys, making replacement car keys, car key copies, cutting car keys, programming car keys, programming remotes, programming push to start FOBs, and more. 


We also know that in the Florida heat and humidity, sometimes car ignitions and door locks become worn-out or damaged. If that’s the case with your vehicle, our Hollywood Fl locksmiths can help repair your ignition, replace your ignition, replace your car door locks or repair your car doors locks. We work on almost all types of vehicles, and our Hollywood Fl locksmiths offer same-day, mobile service.


One of the most common services we offer is unlocking cars and creating replacement car keys - if you need either of those services, we can usually get a technician out to you right away, keeping you from wasting time or money on a towing service.


If you are locked out of your car, locked out your house, or locked out of your business - our Hollywood Fl locksmiths can help. Our Hollywood locksmiths are available all day, every day to unlock your car, house or business. If you need a new key made or need to rekey locks, we can also offer that service when we come to unlock your property. 


In addition to unlocking cars, houses and businesses, our Hollywood Fl locksmiths also unlock safes. We work on almost all kinds of safes, including unlocking gun safes, unlocking sentry safes and more.


If you are concerned about the safety of your property and would like to install security cameras or a security system at your house or business, our Hollywood Fl locksmiths can help. In addition to installing locks, we also install security cameras and security systems that give you 24/7 mobile access to your cameras, allowing you to check on your house in real-time, or to view previous camera events from your phone.


We highly recommend that both residential and commercial customers consider adding security cameras to safeguard your property, and our Hollywood Fl locksmiths and security specialists can give you professional recommendations on where to place cameras, in order to best safeguard your property. 


Secure and Smart home is a local, family-owned and operated Hollywood Fl locksmith service. We are licensed and insured, and we provide fast, professional service for our customers in Hollywood Florida. 


We know that your time is valuable, and we do our best to offer rapid, emergency locksmith services. Our Hollywood Fl locksmiths have over 20 years of experience, and we pride ourselves on giving professional service to all of our customers. 


If you would like to order a locksmith service in Hollywood Fl, just give us a call at 786-778-2923.

commercial locksmith

Business lock installs, lock repairs, push bar installations, repair business locks and unlock businesses

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Residential locksmith

Installing locks, replacing locks at home, lock repairs, rekeying locks and unlocking houses, apartments and condos

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automotive locksmith

Replacement car keys, car key copies, new remotes, key fobs, repair ignitions, replace ignitions, push to start fobs, program car keys and unlock cars

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Emergency locksmith

We offer emergency, same-day locksmith services including car unlocks, business unlocks, house unlocks an emergency repairs and installs

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