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Key in the Lock


Locksmith Pembroke Pines

Are you in need of a locksmith in Pembroke Pines? Secure and Smart Home has over 20 years of locksmithing experience and is a full-service locksmith in Pembroke Pines. Our Pembroke Pines locksmiths are available for commercial, residential and automotive locksmithing projects. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines, just give us a call at 786-778-2923.


Our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines are available for all of your automotive locksmithing needs, including making replacement car keys, making car key copies, programming car keys, programming car remotes and programming push button FOBs on newer vehicles. 


We know things happen - so whether you lose your car key or drop it in the water during a trip to the beach, our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can get you a new key and help you on your way.


If you need your car’s ignition repaired or need to replace your ignition, our automotive locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can also help with this. Ignitions can need to be repaired or replaced for many reasons - some of the most common ones we see is if a vehicle’s ignition has been damaged during an attempted theft, if it has worn out over years of use, or if a key breaks off in the ignition and damages the ignition. Regardless of the reason, our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can help repair or replace your ignition, and get you a replacement car key if needed.


If you own a business in Pembroke Pines, you know how frustrating it can be for your security to be compromised. If your business locks are broken or need to be repaired, our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can help. Our Pembroke Pines locksmiths repair business locks, replace business locks, install new business locks, rekey business locks and work with master rekey systems. 


Whether your business uses mortise locks, push bar locks, or other lock types, our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can make sure that your business locks are fully functioning and keeping your business safe. 


Some of the most common reasons our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines are called to assist local businesses include repairing or replacing locks, or rekeying business locks after a key is lost or stolen. If you are considered about the security of your business, please don’t hesitate to call us!


Our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines are experts at residential projects, including installing locks at your home, replacing home locks, repairing home locks, rekeying home locks and more. 


If you purchase a new home, we recommend rekeying the locks to make sure you’re the only one with access to your property. Our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines are always available for emergency rekeys, so even if you leave this to the last moment, we can be available to help. 


If you are looking to upgrade the security at your home by adding additional locks or improving your security system, our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines can also assist. Our locksmiths are available to give profession security recommendations, including which locks are best suited to your property, and whether or not you should consider adding security cameras. Our locksmiths in Pembroke Pines are also equipped to install security cameras and security systems, and we are always available to give security consolations for your property. 


As we mentioned previously, our technicians in Pembroke Pines are not only locksmiths, they are also trained security experts who are available to install security cameras and security systems for your home or business. In addition to the actual installation, our technicians can give you a quote for service and a detailed explanation of where security cameras should be installed on your property, to ensure that your property is secure. If you have recently experienced a break-in or are concerned that your home or business is not secure, please give us a call to schedule a free security consultation.

commercial locksmith

Business lock installs, lock repairs, push bar installations, repair business locks and unlock businesses

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Residential locksmith

Installing locks, replacing locks at home, lock repairs, rekeying locks and unlocking houses, apartments and condos

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automotive locksmith

Replacement car keys, car key copies, new remotes, key fobs, repair ignitions, replace ignitions, push to start fobs, program car keys and unlock cars

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Emergency locksmith

We offer emergency, same-day locksmith services including car unlocks, business unlocks, house unlocks an emergency repairs and installs

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